Inspired by a viral social media post depicting a purse full of goodies ‘to give to homeless woman to make her day,’ Chelsea Marburger, a local woman has started an organization aimed at doing just that. Project Purse Indianapolis collects gently ¬≠used purses, fills them with basic necessities, feminine hygiene products, and beauty supplies to distribute to homeless shelters, churches, schools, etc. that have demonstrated a need. Also included in each packed purse is a handwritten card with words of hope, from one woman to another.

With a focus on “reverse purse parties,” Project Purse Indianapolis hopes to target sororities, athletic teams and clubs, corporations, and groups of compassionate women who are willing to come together for a common cause: to empower women through basic products that we often take for granted and have in abundance.

I kept seeing this picture over and over again. And thought to myself, 'What if someone actually did this?' So rather than just share it and forget about it, I decided to do something.

- Chelsea Marburger, Founder of Project Purse Indianapolis

Our Mission

Our mission is to make women in less-than-fortunate situations feel like women again by providing them with more than the bare minimum but, by providing them with beauty products and other goods that are harder to come by. Project Purse Indianapolis is an organization for women, by women, and for the love all women.

Like what we're doing and want to help out?
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